Large Clutch Purse DIY Kit
Large Clutch Purse DIY Kit
Large Clutch Purse DIY Kit
Large Clutch Purse DIY Kit
Large Clutch Purse DIY Kit
Large Clutch Purse DIY Kit

Large Clutch Purse DIY Kit

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We've taken our most popular DIY Kit and made it even more versatile.

We know our customers have come to love their Clutch purse as the go-to for carrying their daily essentials. It's perfect for those who want a classy and simple style while being able to carry all of the essentials. However, we heard from people who wanted to be able to carry a small notebook and other items to make this even more usable throughout the day, so we created the Large Clutch Purse.

We’ve focused on the core ingredients that you need to when ducking out for lunch, or heading out for the evening. A large, easy to access compartment (which is over 40% larger than our standard Clutch Purse) that is perfect for storing all of your essentials, and an easy access credit card pouch perfect for holding 2-3 standard sized cards. All secured with a matching leather closure strap.


When finished and closed, the clutch will measure around 19.6cm x 28.8cm



Time to Craft:

2 - 4 Hours

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